Governance Board

Constance Royster, Laurel Associates, LLC, Co-Chair

J.L. Pottenger, Jr., Yale Law School, Co-Chair

Robert Hinton, Pullman & Comley LLC, Vice-Chair

Estela Lopez, Educator (retired), Secretary

Anthony De Jesus, University of St. Joseph, Treasurer

Julie Alleyne, The Deposit Group, LLC

Bildade Augustin, Travelers

Bethany Berger, University of Connecticut Law School

Erin Boggs, Open Communities Alliance

Makaela Kingsley, Patricelli Center, Wesleyan University

John Relman, Relman, Dane, and Colfax

Rev. John Selders, Trinity College 

Philip Tegeler, Poverty and Race Research Action Council





I invite you to support the work of Open Communities Alliance (OCA) and our efforts to help low-income families across Connecticut, and the nation, build pathways to affordable housing and greater economic opportunity. 

Although Connecticut remains one of the most racially and economically segregated states in the country, OCA is working to make equal access to opportunity possible regardless of race, ethnicity, and income.  

Today, approximately 50% of Connecticut’s Black and Latino residents live in areas with the least access to opportunity, compared to 9% of whites.  Such areas make up only 2% of the land area of the state and host higher rates of crime, poverty, unemployment, and under-resourced schools.

This is unjust and prevents Connecticut as a whole, and its lower income families in particular, from reaching their full promise, economically and more holistically. 

OCA believes that providing access to, and increasing the inventory of, affordable housing in “higher opportunity” communities is a direct and effective method of overcoming the racial and economic segregation that is the fundamental driver of the opportunity gap in Connecticut and elsewhere.  At the same time, we strongly support our partners making intensive strategic investments in areas that are struggling. 

We fulfill our mission by building an urban-suburban coalition that promotes access to opportunity for all people through education, advocacy, litigation, research, and partnerships.  Our comprehensive and systematic approach includes community outreach and engagement, the development of beautiful mixed-income housing projects, and advocating for fair housing policies and zoning changes that spur the creation of thousands of affordable units and achieve a more balanced distribution of subsidized housing in higher opportunity communities. 

This transformational grass-roots approach enables low-income families across our state to find homes in high resource communities and access to opportunities that will significantly improve their life outcomes.  

As OCA celebrates its first five years, and the exciting progress we have made, we continue to need your help to build an equitable and economically vibrant Connecticut.  As you will see by the work of the past year and ambitious plans for the year ahead, we are gaining momentum and deepening our impact.

Please give generously to our annual appeal below, or by mail.  Your contribution to Open Communities Alliance will help change lives, provide access to greater economic opportunity, and leverage smart investments that open doors to homes in strong communities to families who have been locked out for generations.


As a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations to Open Communities Alliance are tax deductible.

Here is how you can give:

  • Donate through our website below, or
  • Send us a check:
Open Communities Alliance
75 Charter Oak Avenue, Suite 1-210
Hartford, CT 06106

As a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations to Open Communities Alliance are tax deductible.

If you would like to support Open Communities Alliance with your everyday purchases, we are on AmazonSmile!

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